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Client Reviews

What our clients say about us

FSPCA Preventive Control for Human Food (PCQI) 

Part 2 Instructor Instructor-Led Online

Course was clearly presented and easy to understand

Scott- AK Beverages

Tamekia was a great instructor, enjoyed the course and interacting with other students


Tamekia was a great instructor. I enjoyed taking the class with her. I liked being able to talk and ask questions that was specific to my business. 

Liz- Charleston Specialty Foods

Tamekia was engaging and personable. I felt she had a high level of technical instruction, while breaking it down in a familiar way. She made sure everyone had a clear understanding before moving on. She followed up on questions asked earlier in the instruction when we covered the relevant module. I appreciated her attention to details. 

Andi- Shelburne Farms

ServSafe Food Protection Manager Course

Tamekia took her time to make sure we understood the material. 


Tamekia was wonderful instructor. 


Tamekia was very understanding and enjoyable, thank you for teaching us and making it understandable. 

Tamekia made it easy

Tamekia explained every subject clearly

Tamekia was engaging and very interactive.

Tamekia was very well at explaining the content.

The instructor made the class interesting

The instructor is very interactive and allowed us to critically think. 

Tamekia was very knowledgeable and wonderful teacher. 

I felt like I got everything I needed from the class plus more

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